Administrative Assistant

An Administrative Assistant, or Administrative Aide, is responsible for supporting an administrative professional to help them stay organized and complete tasks that allow them to focus on more advanced responsibilities.

Top Skills and Abilities:

Top 3 Tasks:


An Assistant Administrator, or Administrative Assistant, is in charge of carrying out day-to-day organizational tasks and facilitating efficient communication across an entire office or specific department.

They answer phones, manage office calendars, update databases and complete general clerical work and recordkeeping tasks. Assistant Administrators help their colleagues stay organized and effectively communicate internally with one another and externally with clients. 

Some of the characteristics of a good Assistant Administrator are tenacity, resourcefulness and intuition. People who excel in Assistant Administrator roles are able to anticipate the needs of their colleagues and use that information to organize communications, company records and resources. They are natural problem-solvers and are flexible when handling new challenges. Good Assistant Administrators are also highly professional, friendly, outgoing and positive. 



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